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Softany CHM to DOC converter 3.08

It can convert Windows HTML help (CHM) file into Word document

CHM or Microsoft Compiled HTML Help is a proprietary help format developed by Microsoft Corporation. As a result, most Windows-based software applications use this format to provide help support to the users. Its main advantage is that it supports creating hypertext documents, which makes it suitable for non-linear reading. However, there are several situations in which you will encounter difficulties. First, there is compatibility as former Windows versions and other operating systems do not support this format. Second, a regular help file may not be suitable when you need to study the whole help material because the hypertext structure may become an impediment for linear reading. Third, this format does not allow editing the document at will, except by using special software. Finally, you will not be able to print the whole document sequentially but by headings and subtopics.
Softany CHM to DOC Converter will help you convert CHM files into Microsoft Word files. This application is not intended for beginners but nevertheless, they will probably find no difficulty performing the basic functions. The first step will be selecting the source CHM file and the target location for the converted Word document. As a second step, you will proceed as you normally do when configuring pages before printing. In this regard, you will be able to specify the paper size and the margins. Third, you will be able to choose those elements that you want to include in the converted file, such as cover, header, footer and table of contents. Additionally, you can set the number of levels in the table of contents. Finally, you can enhance the document by adding title numbers or hints after the hyperlinks and also by specifying when to start a new page.
As a whole, Softany CHM to DOC Converter is an easy-to-use application that offers excellent results in converting CHM Help into Word Files. Although it is not capable of converting batches of help files, it is highly improbable that you need to convert several CHM files at the same time. Finally, just a tip: if you need to read CHM files, there is a Mozilla Firefox add-on called CHM Reader that will let you do this, and it is free.

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  • It is easy to use
  • It renders excellent results


  • The trial version purposefully skips certain letters in the target document
  • It does not support batch conversion
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